Travel Insurance

Design Your Travel Insurance Coverage to Fit Your Needs

Why Travel Insurance?

There are different types of travel insurance and TravelGuard offers them all for both individuals and for groups. All auto companies, airlines, and cruise lines tour operators offer various types of travel insurance coverage. Their value is dependent upon both the destinations and the type of current coverage. Some major medical policies and automotive policies cover medical issues and accidents when in the country of residence, but offer no coverage or very little coverage when traveling out of the country. Some credit cards such as American Express also cover accidents, theft and other issues both in and out of the country when traveling. It is important to know what your insurance covers and does not cover.You will certainly not wish to duplicate coverage while at the same time insuring that your coverage is adequate.


TravelGuard offers a “build your own” travel insurance plan that includes basic and 24-hour emergency travel services. You can customize coverage and limits to meet your specific travel needs. Optional Coverage Upgrades include Cancel for Any Reason, increased medical, emergency evacuation and baggage coverage, Adventure Sports Coverage, and more!

Travel Insurance for Trip Cancellations

Unforeseeable things happen. The further in advance you book your trip the more likely it is that situations may arise that could cause you to have to cancel your trip. It may be the loss of a job, an injury to one of those traveling, an illness or death in the family. We always recommend purchasing travel insurance if elderly parents are not well. It may also simply be that something came up that would cause you to wish to cancel a trip. The cruise lines and the airlines offer their own policies. You may also be able to secure a rider on existing auto and medical policies to cover the trip. My personal preference is to use TravelGuard Insurance to develop a policy to specifically cover those items lacking in my general policies. On a trip out of the country, I rented a car that was broken into. I had paid for the airlines, the car rental and my purchases with my American Express card. American Express covered all of the gifts purchased, damage to the rental car trunk, my stolen airline tickets, my passport and the additional stay required until I was able to leave the country.

Travel Insurance for Trip Interruptions

Trip interruptions can occur for many reasons. They can be caused by flight delays. Consider the following scenarios. What if you arrive at a port after you ship has departed or to a location after your tour has departed? What if there is a hurricane or an earthquake or a forest fire? What if a ship or a motor coach breaks down? What if you had plans to go to Mexico when the SARS epidemic broke out? What if an airline or tour operator declares bankruptcy? Adding trip interruption coverage to your travel insurance package will cover your loss caused by these unforeseen events

Travel Insurance – Medical Insurance Coverage

What if you or a member in your party has an accident and need immediate emergency medical treatment? If it is serious, you may prefer to be treated in the U.S. and require MedEvac. The cost of such service is high and getting treated in the wrong place at the wrong time by less than the best could make a major difference in recovery. Before your next trip, shouldn’t you at least look at and consider adding medical coverage to your travel insurance package? This additional coverage could prove to be beneficial if you need it.