Charter Brokers

Charter Brokers are distinct from a charter airline. A charter airline owns, maintains and operates its own equipment and may consist of a fleet of identical aircraft. A charter broker does not own and operate its own equipment, but has relationships with the owners of all types of aircraft throughout to world. A good broker searches for the type of equipment that best fits the size and demographics of a group. Brokers have access to every type of equipment from small corporate jets to large aircraft and can locate this equipment throughout the world. Other than corporate jets, the most commonly requested types/sizes of equipment range from 30-490 passenger aircraft as listed below.

Dornier 328 30 seats 3 hours
ERJ-135 37 seats 3 hours
ERJ-145 50 seats 4 hours
B737-300 Up to 149 seats 4.5 hours
B737-400 Up to 150 seats 5 hours
B737-800 Up to 172 seats 6-7 hours
MD 82/83 Up to 172 seats 4-6 hours
AIRBUS 320 Up to 179 seats 5.5 hours
B757 Up to 220 seats 7 hours
B767 Up to 250 seats 8-10 hours
MD11 Up to 355 seats 13-14 hours
B747 Up to 490 seats 10 -12 hours


Selecting the right equipment may have nothing to do with the size of your group. Your group size may be 490 passengers, but not all 490 originate in the same city. You may require two 170 passenger aircraft combined with scheduled air service from participants by themselves  originating in more diversified locations. In addition, it is often more cost effective to charter two aircraft such as 737s than one large aircraft such as a B747.

It is also often the case that some companies do not want all of their key employees to travel on the same aircraft. This in itself can affect the decision. In order to determine the best combination of charter aircraft size and scheduled service having your group demographics is important. Names of winners are not important, but the projected number of seats from each city and the names of those cities are an integral part of determining the best balance.

For this reason, we recommend that you complete the charter request form provided or call us directly at 561-625-1951 to discuss your program.