Air (Group)

There are so many variables to consider with air transportation.

To provide you with the best options available to fit your needs, we recommend the following steps when arranging your air transportation.

Step 1:

View the Air Charter Video provided by Miami Air by clicking the link below.

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Step 2:

We recommend you call us at 561-625-8807 prior to submitting the Request For Pricing.

Step 3:

Return to this page to complete the
Corporate Air RFP


does offer air charters equipment of all sizes throughout the world. Miami Air is simply our preferred supplier when we require aircraft for approximately 172 passengers due to reliability, consistency and quality.

The benefits of air charter travel are:

  • Flying Direct / Point-to-Point Transportation.
  • Exclusive Use of an Aircraft
  • Security / Direct Control of your Passenger List (Manifest)
  • Use of Alternate Airports / Avoid the Busiest Airports
  • Preferred Departure and Arrive Times
  • Custom in-Flight Services

Though we do charter private jets just as we do private yachts, the type of aircraft considered is determined by the size of the group, the distance between the origin and destination of the group, if over water equipment is required and general availability. Not all aircraft are certified for travel over water.

When to Consider a Charter:

  • A destination such as Acapulco, Nevis, St. Kitts or Casa de Campo has inadequate air service (Lift).
  • The group is too large for the scheduled lift (number of flights/seats per day).
  • Scheduled service is sold out.
  • A company simply wishes the convenience of controlling its own flight schedules to enhance the value of its program. Many times the group is too small for the type of aircraft needed given the range and/or over-the-water equipment required. Often company policy prohibits a large number of participants on a single aircraft. At Corporate Cruise Consultants, we assess the relative merit of a charter given your specific needs and desires and acquire the appropriate pricing and aircraft for the job.

We will always suggest air charter if the demographics of participants and scheduled service to the selected destination warrants. We have resources worldwide to help secure reliable equipment of every size.

Categories of Charters

  • Single Entity often referred to as an Ad Hoc Charter– This is the most widely used. In this situation, an aircraft meeting the specific needs of a group is acquired. Charterer pays entire price of charter. Passengers pay nothing directly or indirectly. Contract must be in the name and address of the entity actually paying for the trip, not in the agent or brokers name.
  • Pro Rata – Charterer is a membership organization and only members and their immediate families are eligible to participate in the charter flight. All passengers must pay the same pro rata rate except children may pay less.